Rub Me The Right Way

Rub Me The Right Way

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First Time for every 'O'

When I first looked between her luscious legs, I knew I had seen her before.

When Cassandra walks into Paradiso, all she is looking for is a 'Yoni Massage' - the most intimate massage of all.

And it's my specialty.

My warm fingers sliding inside her slippery lips, taking her to places she has only dreamed about.

I am a master of my craft. An artisan. A guru.

Everything I do is for her pleasure, not for the sake of my c*ck.

But one look at Cassandra, and it's deja vu.

For both of us.

She remembers my big c-ck, hard just for her.

Man, that was eighteen years ago!

It all comes back in a flash.

And now, I can't wait to feel her skin beneath my fingers, taste her lips on my tongue, touch her tight channel... once again.

I am going to give the deepest, longest, hardest massage she has ever experienced.

A single 'O'?


Try multiples of multiples.

Until she begs me to stop.

Customer Reviews

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June Colby
Needs Yoni massage

Oh my gosh! I loved it, Had no Idea, if there is such a massage called that. I know I was more then ready to get one, by that sexy man. Hot, Sensual, Erotic, was right there in gal's place, loving it..I loved the book, and would read special parts over and over. Cant wait to see when and if, u have more books having to involve massage like that. :-)

A Start to Finish in One Sitting Read

OMG! After reading this one, I had to look up what the Yoni massage was and if it was real. I am all in! Not to mention that you really feel sorry for this guy, but wonder if it were real life would be actually feel that way? All I can say is, I want one.

Cindy Gilleland

It was great... Characters were well developed and they was a story behind the steams scenes. Different plot from others. Great story

Elsa Centilli

Rub Me The Right Way


This book is very hot, steamy, sexy and full of surprises!!

Devin and Cassandra had a one night stand while they were in college, but it was the best sex either have had! They can't seem to forget each other, even after 18 years have passed. After being in a funk, Lulu convinces Cassie to go with her to Paradiso to get a yoni massage and relax. Cassie is chosen as the one and has her world rocked....could it be the same man from UCLA?

This book will have you laughing and then angry and then feeling lustful. Great book, definitely recommend this one!!! I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Readers Copy of this book.