My Best Friend's Boyfriend

My Best Friend's Boyfriend

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I’ve lost my mind.

That’s the only explanation for it.

He’s my best friend’s boyfriend. I broke every girl-code out there when I let him kiss me.

And then what happened after…

But the dating agency set us up. And I couldn’t say no to those gorgeous gray eyes focused only on giving me pleasure.

I just wanted to lose my virginity. Now I’m afraid I’ll lose Logan.

What happens when I tell him I’m pregnant?



She blew me away when she walked in the room.

Olive skin and bright blue eyes that scratch an itch I never knew I had.

When I was with her best friend, I wouldn’t dare think about how much I wanted Ava.

Except in my dreams.

Now Ava’s here for real. In my arms, in my bed…

Mine. Forever.

But when I wake up, will she still be here?

Customer Reviews

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Good read

I like how the characters came in together in the end. Well written really liked the book. My first time reading one of Amy’s books and I’m not disappointed.

Must Read

This was a good book! There was drama involved with the "best friend" and the true love between the other friend and boyfriend. I have read this book twice now and I will definitely read it again. I love it when the right people get together.

Diana Cormier
Book 2

I have just started reading book 2 but am really enjoying the books

My Best Friend's EX-Boyfriend

Great story, protagonist was a bit more forgiving of crazy friend than i think i could have been. and maybe a bit harsh on the hunk in bed.

Veronica LaRoche
Great Read

Eva & Logan, I really liked there story. Eva and Camilla are best friends and Logan is Camilla’s boyfriend but when secrets are revealed Logan dumps Camilla. Fate has a way of bringing 2 people together and fate definitely wants Eva with Logan. I liked the characters except Camilla at times, she wasn’t exactly the best friend of the year and was completely harsh too Eva. But all in all it was a good story and the ending was perfect.