Mr Perfect O

Mr Perfect O

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She's depriving me, and I'll teach her a lesson. 
I am going to make her scream my name, beg for more...
They call me Mr. Perfect O for a reason. 
I specialize in delivering the wettest, mind blowing 'O's' ever.  
Call me a manwhore, 
But as a single dad with responsibilities, I don't have much choice. 
Until, I see her. 
Tori is forbidden fruit, my six year old's school teacher.
I don't do relationships. 
I never get with younger women. 
But one look at those luscious eyes and that perfect a$$, 
And I wanna break all rules. 
When she calls me to discuss the progress of my daughter, 
The only thing progressing is my d*ck.
It's growing tall and hard, 
And it's so ready to claim the virgin. 
But then she finds out what I do for a living. 
Guess, who's the one begging now?

(Includes bonus kinky sex scene)

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mary bartlett
Mr Perfect is perfect

Wonderfully written, I found it hard to put down. In fact was late for work due to reading in. Must read.