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Vegas Baby

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I never intended to get married...or pregnant!


I was in the club trying to think how I could create a life milestone. 

He was there celebrating a business milestone. 

And the next thing I know...

I wake up in his bed, 

With a ring on my finger! 

My logical reaction - I run.

I run away from him, from Vegas. 

Without realizing that I'm carrying a part of him with me - his baby! 

That's why they say what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas. 


Fast forward three months, and I receive divorce papers.

That's what I've been waiting for, right? 

That's what he wants too. 


He looks at my swollen pregnancy feet and the 'oh so cute' baby bump

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Darlene Duran
Vegas Hot!!

Once again a great story. This story definitely pulls at your heart strings, it made me laugh and cry. Thankfully there was a happy ending so it’s nothing to be worried about. I love the descriptive hot parts they keep you wanting more. I personally enjoy the steamy stuff and always want more because Amy always delivers great scenes for your imagination. I highly recommend all her books, happy reading.


James has had a very successful year and decided to treat some of his employees to a trip to Las Vegas. But as they watch the magic show, he needs a new drink and some fresh air. While at the bar, he notices a curvy woman at the bar that is struggling to pay her tab, James walks over and offers to do without any repayment in mind. But as the night goes on and he talks to Nicole more and more, he feels drawn to her like never before. So when she comes up to his room and enjoys the evening with him, he is more than happy. But when he wakes up with a ring on his finger and a foggy memory, he realizes he got married? But where is she?

Nicole is escaping her past and starting new in Vegas, but when things are going south with interview after interview, she just needs a drink and when her debit card won't swipe, she struggles for cash to pay for the drink. When James offers, she is grateful but doesn't want the strings that may be attached. But as they talk, she realizes there are no strings, just good banter back and forth. But the next morning is another story, she wakes up married to a man she doesn't know, how is this possible? She runs away and starts new again. But when she finds out she is pregnant, she has to get a better job and start figuring things out. But when James shows up in St. Louis to see her, she fears the worst since that is how she has always been treated, will he be different?

Will they go through with the divorce and raise the baby? Will love win over both James and Nicole? Or will Nicole's ex and stalker come back in full force and ruin her friendship with James? What a great story about two people going through life and coming out smelling like roses on the other end. I received an ARC of this book from the author.


I really liked reading this book. There were typos, but who cares really when your reading a good book. The chemistry is there they just have to find their way.


Amazing and Exciting! A great read with a great storyline that is superbly written. A well-developed, consistent, realistic plot. I love the overall plot of this story and could not stop reading once I started. You will fall in love with the characters whose chance meeting and one night stand turned into so much more. The story ended beautifully. I really love this book and I am sure you will as well! I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

Bookbytch5 Janet
James and Nicole

Amy you did it again, This James and Nicole's story, There chemistry is as hell, So one of fun for both of them and they end up married. Plus theres a little surprise in-store for both of them, ONE-CLICK NOW to see if they get a HEA or not. Its a must read, I voluntarily read an Advance Reader Copy.