The Doctor’s Fake Marriage

The Doctor’s Fake Marriage

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I got caught f*cking my intern. Now I have to marry her. 

I'm a doctor that likes going in hard and deep. 

I seduce with surgical precision.

And when I meet Harbor,

I can't take care of the bulge in my pants.

What I want to do to her they don't teach in medical school. 

I want to make her moan my name, beg for more. 

So, when my boss asks me to chaperone her to a weekend workshop, I take the responsibility seriously. 

She's innocent and raw, and seeing her with those sexy glasses makes me want to take her into my examination room and lock the door. 

I've got a cure for the ache between her legs, and it starts with 'D'. 

That's until my boss finds us in compromising 'position'. 

I've got one day to get her to agree to marry me or I'll lose my job. 

I'm a single dad. I can't afford to be out on my a$$. 

Hell, maybe it's time to go all the way. 

Maybe it's time to make a baby with Harbor....

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I absolutely loved this book, another great book by Amy. This story about Evan and Harbor, its Hot, sexy and steamy plus the chemistry between both of them was HOT. Grab a copy now to see why they had to get married and if there HEA for them. I Volunteered to read and review an advanced readers copy