Office Fling

Office Fling

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Work and play don’t mix. End of story. Unless your new employee happens to be the most alluring surprise you’ve come across in years…


One look at those delicious curves and I’m drawn. 

No amount of self-control can tame that hard on! 

And then I realize she’s running away from her past, 

Hiding something,

May be running away from her own self. 

Could that be the reason she is working under a fake name in my organization?

Or is she a competitor spying on me? 


But my heart melts when she plays with my son, 

She couldn’t be that dangerous, right? 

I mean, she gets along so well with little Dom. 

I decide to play the game, 

And play it well. 

I know what to do when her ex comes unannounced.


With that baby growing inside her, I’ll make it more than just an office fling!

Customer Reviews

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A Must read

Amy Brent has delivered another masterpiece in the form of a novel. This is a well written, smooth flowing story that drew me into the well-developed, consistent plot from the first page until the end. It is an engaging, enjoyable story that gives you amazing dialogue, humour, domestic abuse, romance, family, friends, true passionate love and hot melting sex - making this an interesting read. The characters are strong and sincere and you cannot help but love them. I enjoyed this book 100% and have only great things to say about the story – I do not for one moment regret reading this. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

Linda Lagrue
Another fantastic story

I can't believe how many of Amy's books I have read and reviewed, all of which were mostly 5 star reads. “Office Fling” is once again a fantastic five star plus read. The well-developed leading characters are Raphael a wealthy CEO, a single dad with trust issues and Mckenna a beautiful woman on the run from an abusive ex who is working under an assumed name. This well-written emotional story has everything to keep you reading, sizzling sexual chemistry, abuse, a stalker, a horrible ex wife, fear, danger, secrets and romance. “Office Fling” is well worth reading and I definitely recommend it.
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.