Love Undercover

Love Undercover

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I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with my next case.

I was supposed to bring him down.

Looks like I might do both.

I’m an undercover detective. My new case is hot… and filled with secrets.

He’s an asshole billionaire looking for a mistress, and I’m looking for a way inside.

Submission is his thing, and I’m happy to play along.

Getting pregnant wasn’t part of the plan.

Neither was falling in love. Now I’m totally fucked.


I need his confession, and he needs my help.

My boss will kill me, but I’d rather lose my job than lose Eric.


He’s starting to suspect I’m more than just his submissive.

And his bad boy reputation isn’t just for show.


The truth is about to come out. Will Eric still want me when it does?

I was supposed to catch him. Now it looks like he’s caught me!

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Another great read

I always think Amy’s books are great reads but. I’m shocked every tine I read another 1 to find it even better than the last. This is story of undercover detective Kathryn and man she’s to try catch if he’s embezzling money from his business as being told to police by an unknown source. They’ve tried everything and can’t find any wrong doing by Eric but Kathryn is determined to catch him. No one can get close enough but when Kathryn finds an ad in the local paper from Eric looking for a mistress she decides this is her way to find out. Eric employs her as his mistress but it’s not long before they both realise it means much more to them and how’s Kathryn going to tell Eric who she really is and has been betraying him all this time. Brilliant story line to keep you enthralled and keep reading

Bridget muse
Great Book!

I loved this book! Can’t wait to read more Amy Brent books!

Diane Bilyeu

Love Undercover

Ann Brown
Fabulous book

A deliciously hot and sexy read with a great storyline involving secrets, lies and betrayal! The chemistry was red hot and I was totally engrossed with the story.


An amazing heartfelt, steamy and exciting romance with an enthralling well-developed plot that will tug on your heart strings and take you through a roller coaster of emotions. Kathryn and Eric entered into an unconventional relationship that was supposed to be about business and found that the feelings between them are much more that. The chemistry between them is off the charts amazing and the copious amount of hot descriptive sex with sparks so explosive will melt your kindle. It is a well written page turner that moves at a brisk pace. A little drama, some twists make this book a worthwhile read. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.